Testimonials - Artist Jeff Fulkerson


"His tutorials are fabulous, second only to being in an in-person class with him. (P.S. His video class on Stone on Stone is my favorite! It's so easy to follow along and just fun to watch...and do of course!)"
Edie M.
"It was a definite blessing to have Jeff teach at my shop this past February. Not only is Jeff an extremely talented artist but as a teacher he is patient, generous in sharing his knowledge and fun too! My customers loved being able to learn from him one on one and I’m sure will never forget the experience of spending 2 days with Jeff. I know I won’t. He is truly a wonderful person and a gifted artist."
Dale K.
"I love this technique. (Stone on Stone) Thank you Jeff for giving me another great technique to incorporate in my designs. You're a terrific inspiring and giving instructor.
Doris K.
"Your work is lovely and I have thoroughly enjoyed your ebooks, dvd, and online lessons."
Holly F.
"Jeff, Thanks for a terrific class at Beadfest!! My skills are now at a higher level and I'm not afraid to bezel set some of the cabs I've been collecting."
Robin M.
"Thanks for a great workshop. I just feel like I learned a lot from you and reinforced what I am already doing. Loved all your tips and your sense of humor."
Hilary R.
"I have had the pleasure of attending 2 of Jeff Fulkerson's workshops and have enjoyed every minute!! Not only did I come away with a complete understanding of the techniques offered in Jeff's classes, he also gave us many little "tidbits" that make the job SO much easier! I can't wait for the next one! Thanks Jeff you're the best!"
Jean C.
"Jeff’s pendant workshop was great. Loved the project. He was very patient, teaching many techniques: drilling stones, tube setting faceted stones and forging a neck collar. All that in 2 days and Jeff created a fun teaching environment."
Bonnie B.
"I took a setting stone on stone class with Jeff and absolutely loved it. The class was super informative and a lot of fun. I learned so much in one day it was amazing! Jeff is an awesome teacher and a really caring person."
Jen J.
"Not only is Jeff an extremely talented artist but as a teacher he is patient, generous in sharing his knowledge and fun too!"
Gail K.
"I credit Jeff Fulkerson's videos & e-books with almost everything I know about making Southwest style jewelry. I can highly recommend all of his courses."
Jeff H.

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