Timeless Bolo Ties - Artist Jeff Fulkerson

Artist Jeff Fulkerson

Timeless Bolo Ties

I’m really into bolo ties right now, probably for a lot of reasons.  When I was a kid, my step-dad had all these fabulous bolo ties which he would wear just about everywhere.  About the only place he wouldn’t wear one was to a formal event. (He would have, but my mom would have killed him!) 

While I liked his bolos, and actually made him a couple when I started making jewelry, I never really appreciated what he had.  Some of his bolos were from the ‘20’s from artists like the Poblanos. The detail and composition of these masterpieces still inspires me today.

In my opinion, the hardest part in making a bolo tie is deciding how to attach the cord to the piece.  I’ve used many methods, but I’ve finally hit upon the tried and true, double loop of round wire which you can run your cords through then gently bend down to add friction so the bolo will stay where you put it, but still be loose enough so that it will slide and not mar the leather cord.

And bolos aren’t just for cowboys!  I see more and more women wearing them. The great thing about bolo ties is they give a touch of elegance and fashion without choking the life out of the wearer.  (I really like this feature.)  Everyone from hipsters to professional women to boho chic are wearing bolo ties.  So my question to you is: why aren’t you?