Porcelain Jasper Inlaid Cuff - Artist Jeff Fulkerson

Artist Jeff Fulkerson

Porcelain Jasper Inlaid Cuff

This is the cuff I made for the Beginning Inlay Video project. I’m very happy with it for a number of reasons. First, it’s always fun to have an idea in your head and when you finish the project, it looks WAY better than you ever could have imagined.

Second, I love the way the colors in the Porcelain Jasper interact with the copper. It really sets both off and makes the cuff oh-so-much more interesting.

Third, I like to add a splash of unexpected color to my pieces, because it is visually interesting and the shear unexpected-ness of it catches your eye and makes you take notice. The first piece next to the silver and copper overlay does that with a splash of pink.

And finally, I think this will really help people who are trying inlay for the first time. The only other thing I would say is have patience and enjoy the process.