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Inspiration is where you find it. Some people will tell you you either have it or you don’t. I don’t believe that.



Marriage is a funny thing when you get right down to it. You’re trying to take two completely different materials or people; with different make ups, different properties, from different backgrounds with different likes and dis-likes; different personalities and temperaments, and try to make them one.


Who’s Your Tribe?

Humanity has long used symbols to convey meanings, thoughts, concepts and membership. When you see certain symbols, you know what group someone belongs to. A contemporary example is street gangs with colors and gang signs. It shows belonging. I once had a kid tell me he joined a gang because it was safer than his home… We’ll do anything to belong.


Necessity is a Mother!

The design I came up with was a plain silver cuff with flowers stamped in the middle, like a bouquet. I knew she’d love it.